Friday, November 11, 2011

On my Reading List: Fall 2011

I enjoyed a similar list by Seth Godin which you should check out as well. I'm still reading about a 50-50 mix of books on Kindle and physical copies, by the way. Wonder if that will shift for me in 2012?! A quick summary of books that I'm reading these days.

Unbroken, by Hillenbrand. I know this historical non-fiction book has been out for a year, but finally read it and it was worth every minute. Incredible story of Olympian, castaway survivor, Japanese World War II camps, forgiveness, and resilience. Great writing, but the story reveals the best and worst of humans, cultural differences, and the ability to transcend suffering.

Transforming Worldviews, by Hiebert. I'm a third of the way through a book that takes a lot of concentration but addresses the critical issue of how people change. Written near the end of the celebrated anthropologist's life, Hiebert is at his best with helpful diagrams and insights. Reminds me of similar insights from Influencer and other books.

The Cultural Intelligence Difference, by Livermore. Enjoyed this book by an academic who makes CQ very practical. Lots of good suggestions for improving CQ as well as an overview of the importance/cost of CQ. Probably the easiest read and most applied of Livermore's four books on the topic.

The 4-Hour Workweek, by Ferriss. Another older book, but I'm always amazed at how uncommon common sense is. But Ferriss has lots of it. He provides practical hints on everything from controlling your email inbox to establishing a small business. Fun reading and gets my brainstorm going. I'm almost done but might re-read parts!

Treasure Island, by Stevenson. This book is only 125 years old, but a great fiction adventure which took my mind off everything stressful. Read it on my Kindle and enjoyed every minute of this classic.

Another Lousy Day in Paradise, by Gierach. When I really need to escape, Gierach's books keep me laughing and inspired by the outdoors and the world of fly fishing. Almost done with this one, and now I just need to get my rods out of storage and wet a line.

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