Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A million details to remember in India

It was really great having Libby's mom here with us for 2.5 months. However, in explaining how our house works, I realized how many small, inconvenient details exist in our daily lives here. It's not a complaint, just a fact. Here's a room by room guide.

Kitchen: don't forget that you can't run the microwave and toaster at same time or circuit breaker will trip, to turn on water pump for 20-30 min each day (to get water up to roof tank), to listen to pump -- if it runs dry it will burn up! to cover garbage to discourage cockroaches, to put honey in bowl with water or ants will get to it, and more

Bedrooms: don't forget to turn on/off ceiling fan when you leave the room, turn on/off the air conditioner, close the door to bathroom (and windows) when A/C is on.

Bathrooms: jiggle the faucets to get the water to turn off, turn on the water heater for hot water (and don't forget to turn off)

All rooms: don't forget to open windows at night and close them by 10am to keep the cool air inside, when you open/close windows you must be sure the velcro screens are resealed (or risk mosquito invasion), turn on the switch by the outlet if you want to use an appliance.

And more. You get the picture. Could some of these be fixed? Probably, but most aren't a big deal...until they are all combined! All I have to say: when my memory starts to fade, I will have a hard time living here!

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