Friday, November 06, 2009

Back in India

At some point, I feel that we should record the challenges of cross-cultural, cross-continental travel for our kids to appreciate at some point in the distant future. Let's just say that 22+ hours on planes with less than 2 hours sleep due to active little guys was not fun.

The good news was that clearing customs in India was quick, the swine flu screening (they have thermal imaging cameras and a masked nurse who asked some questins) was efficient, and our bags showed up undamaged.

Shane and Lukas both recovered from jet lag quickly. The noise of India (horns, shouting, etc. until about 2am) didn't seem to bother them although it is such a contrast to quiet Beaverton. Lukas is on the verge of walking and wears the same size diapers as Shane. A big boy.

It took us a while to get back in the groove: to stop invading ants and mosquitos, order more drinking water, fill up empty gas tanks, figure out why gas stove wasn't working (forgot that Indians put safety first and always turn of the gas cylinder switch), pay the street sweepers & newspaper guy & more who magically appeared at our gate within hours of our arrival, jiggle the phone line to get the connection to work, trim vines/plants which had taken over balcony, looking in several stores until we found XL diapers, and much more. Hmmm, maybe our tiredness isn't jet lag but just due to life!

But there are certainly many nice things about India: the postman who rang our bell and welcomed us back even tho' he didn't have any mail for us, the great cooking of our househelper, Shane's delighted expression at seeing his old toys, Lukas quickly crawling around the house without the friction from carpet, buying fresh potato chips from my favorite shop, riding my motorcycle, cheap tropical fruit we buy from a roadside stand, and reading our favorite Indian travel magazine.

Life here is as busy as the USA but it is the simple things that take up so much time. But the change is refreshing in many ways.

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