Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cultural comparisons by a 4 year old

Our oldest son has been making some good observations since we returned to the USA in mid-August. Although most are about behavioral stuff -- and very funny -- I love the insights!

"We haven't bumped into anybody yet." Said while driving with grandma to the mall. Um, yes, personal space and driving are a bit different in India.

"Everything is so shiny here."

"Did you know that you can drink the water from the taps in America?" Instructions given to his younger brother.

"Be careful. There are cockroaches living in there." Said while pointing to the bathtub drain. I assume/hope it isn't true!

"What are the lines on the road for?"

Of course, this is great stuff for a little guy to notice. The challenge for me is that I tend to talk about the same things, but there are so many other levels of culture that deserve consideration and dialogue like beliefs, values, or worldview. Not easy to articulate, but there are hints provided by the behavoral stuff.

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